The Lonely Ameba

Written by Joshua P. Warren
Illustrated by Timothy Pedersen

Educational as well as entertaining, this book has already received enthusiastic approval from elementary school teachers. Written in the style of Dr. Seuss and wonderfully illustrated, it sweeps the reader away into an enchanting universe of life—a universe contained within a small amount of water. It is the story of an ameba named Emo, too small to be seen with the naked eye, yet his soul longs for companionship. Emo embarks on an epic journey to find a friend and meets some very interesting characters along the way. The hydras were anything but friendly; they were frightening. Both Larry the Hairy Paramecium and Gene the Euglena were friendly, but each of them declined the invitation to be Emo’s friend. As his search continues it seems to be in vain, but ultimately Emo learns something very special about himself. Like all amebas, he finds within himself the potential for unlimited friends. While simply enjoying this story, the student learns about microscopic life and (because of the rhythmic text) quickly learns correct pronunciation of the scientific terms.

The Lonely Ameba / $12.95; ISBN 1-57072-066-5; 48 pp.; hardcover. Available immediately.